Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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Setting up the aMember 4.x Basic Affiliate System      

You already know the power of having an affiliate system to increase signups and... 

How to convert from hidepost to amprotect tags    

Here’s how to change your WordPress/aMember site from being hidepost/rolemanager... 

Creating Signup Templates for aMember Pro v4.x      

aMember 4.x now allows you to use custom templates on your signup pages. This video... 

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Marketing and Conversions - Randomly Displayed

The RIGHT way to promote affiliate products to your members    

Selling affiliate products is a fantastic way to have an instant back end to your... 

Cool visual search tool to find affiliates, JVs and sites to get links from    

This video features a very cool new visual tool which graphically show sites and... 

Product Launch Secrets    

Step By Step Methods To Successfully Launch Your Online Products To An Audience That... 

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Premium Content - Randomly Displayed

Using Wishlist Member with Coaching Clients and Groups    

Here’s how to use Wishlist Member for your coaching clients and groups. This will allow you to show content only to specific members or groups of members. Running Time: 7:43 [Read more of this review]  Read More →

Membership Spreadsheet Excel and Video        

Want to know the true potential of your membership site? Download the excel spreadsheet and plug in your numbers to get an overview of your sites potential. The video guide explains some of the basic numbers... [Read more of this review]

Creating an Upgrade Page with amProtect for WordPress-aMember Sites    

Here’s how to create an upgrade page using amProtect for WordPress with aMember sites. The video explains how to display upgrade buy buttons only for members of a specific level. This is essential... [Read more of this review]

How to Sequence Your Emails to Your Affiliates During a Product Launch    

aka: Million Dollar JV Launch Secrets Based on the emails sent during Jeff Walker’s recent Product Launch Formula launch, here’s how to sequence and structure your emails sent to your affiliates. Running... [Read more of this review]

The Power of Implementation  

"I’ll get around to it tomorrow" is a phrase that is said far too often for many of us. This type of procrastination effects people no matter what job they have, or lifestyle they lead.... [Read more of this review]

Restrict archives to specific product members: aMember Newsletter Thread Setup Video    

Would you like members of a specific subscription only to be able to see newsletters on the members page just for them? The aMember Newsletter Thread function allows you to do it. Running Time: 5:21 ... [Read more of this review]

Using the Gift Voucher Plugin in aMember 4.x    

Now you can allow your members to ‘gift’ memberships and products to their friends. The aMember Gift Voucher Plugin allows your members to buy a membership and send it along to their friends... [Read more of this review]

aMember v4.x and WordPress Basic Integration    

Here’s how to integrate aMember 4.x and WordPress to create a dynamic membership site. This will allow you to use wordpress as your content management system, and amember for your subscription management.... [Read more of this review]

Customizing the Language File in aMember v4.x    

If you’d like to customize the text shown to members in the aMember 4 members pages, you need to edit the amember language file. This video shows how to customize the language file so that updates... [Read more of this review]

Launch Countdown Timer    

Getting ready for a big launch? How about adding a countdown timer to create massive anticipation? This script is included as a bonus for premium members. It’s really easy to install and will redirect... [Read more of this review]

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