Tuesday, October 16, 2018

5 Money-Losing Problems Your Membership Site Might Have


Plugging up holes in your business is just as important, if not more so, than adding new features to it. Many membership site owners are leaving money on the table and they don’t even know it! It’s time to stop the bleeding and follow these tips if you want to make as much money as […]

How to Reduce Your Paypal Fees


If you use paypal, you may be paying hundreds of dollars in excess fees! This short video will show you a hidden part of paypal that may let you automatically drop these by .4% to 1%. Running Time: 2:02

aMember Install Request Form Guide


If you are confused by the aMember “Request Free Installation” form, here’s the video guide that explains how to fill it out. Running Time: 7:12

How to Update aMember


Here’s a short video guide on how to update your existing aMember to a newer version. Running Time: 3:12

Complimentary Plugin Install and Setup Video


This new plugin allows you to automatically give a lifetime subscription to a second product when a user signs up for another product. Watch the video of the install and usage of the plugin. The plugin is available to all premium members. Running Time: 2:55

Using a Blog to Promote Your Membership Site


Blogs provide a method for you to communicate with potential customers, give them a sneak peek inside your membership site, and see you as a person instead of just a picture at the end of a sales letter. As an added benefit – search engines love blogs!

aMember Incremental Content Demonstration Video


Watch the video demonstration of the new modification by aMember which allows you to automatically allow sequential access to your valuable content. This means that you can now control when users can access content and for how long. Running Time: 3:59 

Membership Site Tour


Watch the tour of my first membership site English Memory. The site is for the English language learning niche in Japan, and is in Japanese. However, the structural and marketing techniques I used in building the site are universal. Running Time: 13:29 

9 mistakes that are costing you new subscribers


Here are 9 common mistakes membership site owners make that are keeping them from getting all the subscribers they should be, and some quick fixes. Free users can view the first 3 mistakes.

Scheduled content with aMember


Read how to use aMember to sequence content on a set schedule depending on when the member signed up. This technique requires no modification to the aMember code and it’s so easy, you’ll have it working in minutes. 

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