Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Million Dollar Emails


How to Create Powerful, Money-Making Emails to sell any product or service.

Autoresponder Magic


A Massive Collection of Winning Autoresponder Messages to Model, Copy and Swipe.

Phrases That Keep Attention – Copywriting


Looking for just the right expression to keep your readers interest? This ebook contains 472 phrases that are sure to help you out of a jam.

Expert Interview: Copywriting for Membership Sites


Listen as expert copywriter John Ritzkowitz explains the essentials of making your membership site’s sales page sizzle and sell. John uncovers the 4 common mistakes most sites are making and how you can fix them. John also explains how to make your offer a "no brainer" so your customers can’t say no! Running Time: 36:38

A 95% increase in conversions with 1 simple improvement


Last week I made a minor change which increased my conversions 95%! I’m kicking myself for not realizing this now obvious technique sooner.

Using the ‘Six Weapons of Influence’ to gain new subscribers


By applying ‘Six Weapons of Influence’, you can increase your membership signups. This article will tell you how!

How the tax office paid for my vacation


I received a rather shocking letter in my mail box the other day. When I opened it up, I saw the bill, and my jaw dropped. My city tax office had decided to send me a bill for….

Write Magnetic Headlines With These 7 Tips


Expert copywriter Michel Fortin gives us 7 fantastic tips for writing subscriber grabbing headlines.

How to make sure your email gets opened


Whether it’s an autoresponder sequence or your regular mailings to your subscribers, you owe it to yourself and to your customers to make sure your emails are being opened! Here’s some insider secrets to making sure your customers open up your email messages.

9 mistakes that are costing you new subscribers Part II


Here are 9 common mistakes membership site owners make that are keeping them from getting all the subscribers they should be, and some quick fixes.

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