Thursday, February 21, 2019

Complimentary Plugin Install and Setup Video


This new plugin allows you to automatically give a lifetime subscription to a second product when a user signs up for another product. Watch the video of the install and usage of the plugin. The plugin is available to all premium members. Running Time: 2:55

Graphics Mini-Pack


These graphics are from a graphics pack by Hrvoje Livnjak at eCoversLab. After prodding and begging, I was able to convince Hrvoje that by letting my Premium Members have some of the graphics, he would gain access to a whole new group of possible customers. So he’s let me pick out 8 of my favorite […]

Membership Spreadsheet Excel and Video


Want to know the true potential of your membership site? Download the excel spreadsheet and plug in your numbers to get an overview of your sites potential. The video guide explains some of the basic numbers you will need to edit in the spreadsheet. Running Time: 4:43

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