Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Incremental Content in WordPress using the amProtect Plugin and aMember

If you want to use incremental content in your wordpress managed amember site, the amprotect plugin makes it a snap. This videos shows you how to do it using wordpress, amprotect, amember and the amember incremental content plugin. Running Time: 16:29

Bonus Content Widget for WordPress

A great "stick" strategy is to tease members with upcoming bonus items and content. This widget plugin for wordress uses the aMember incremental content system to show current and upcoming bonus items on the wordpress sidebar. Running Time: 11:45

WordPress Sidebar Widget to Show Content to Members Only

Do you want to display different links, buttons or content in your wordpress sidebar to logged in members. This widget, requested by premium member biznetpro will allow you to do just that. The plugin uses the wordpress system to check if a person is a member, so it will work with any membership system including […]

Joomla Membership site using aMember with Multiple Levels of Membership

Are you looking for a simple way to create multiple levels of membership/protection for your content in Joomla and use aMember to manage the payments? Here’s the video and guide that will show you how! These videos are for Joomla 1.5x. Joomla 2.x uses a completely different integration method. aMember Joomla Public/Paid Integration- Running Time: […]

Placing Camtasia Videos in WordPress Content

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Want to learn how you can add your Camtasia videos to your WordPress CMS site? This short video and guide will show you how to do it. This guide focuses on ExpressShow videos but the technique can be adapted to the OneVideo format. Running Time: 5:47

Video Marketing Secrets – For SEO and Content

This video series will teach you the ins and outs of video marketing. Whether you want to use your videos to market yourself or for creating content for your site, video is the hottest thing on the internet.These videos take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to easily create and market your […]

Placing Camtasia Videos in Joomla Content

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Want to learn how you can add your Camtasia videos to your Joomla CMS site? This short video and guide will show you how to do it. Running Time: 6:32

aMember Incremental Content Install and Setup Video

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Want to allow the daily, weekly, or monthly sequentially released content on your membership site? A new modification by aMember allows you to do just that! Watch the video guide for installing and setting up the modification. Running Time: 9:21

Using WordPress To Manage Incremental Content

Would you like to use WordPress to create your incremental content and protect it with aMember? With this hack to the WordPress integration setup, you can use WordPress to make your content and the aMember Incremental Content Plugin to protect it. This technique will also allow you mix and match access to content regardless of […]

Quick and Easy Content Creation – Never Get Writers’ Block Again!

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Unsure about what steps you need to take to create some great written content? Suffering from writers’ block? Well, here’s some ideas on how to break the jam and get that content done!

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