Monday, June 17, 2019

An Easy 7% Increase in Conversions

How would you like a fast and easy 7% increase in conversions? This change is very important to your site and will also help you with your google adwords and search engine rankings. At a recent analytics seminar, google mentioned this thing multiple times, so take notice! Running Time: 7:09

Forum Marketing Secrets – Complete 20 Video Course

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If you aren’t taking advantage of the power of forum marketing, you are missing out on a HUGE opportunity. This series contains a collection of 20 professionally recorded videos, 80 minutes of content – This complete video series will teach you everything you need to know about forum marketing.

Mastering the Adwords Cash Mountain

Every day there are around 200 million searches performed in the search engines, and every day millions of dollars is spent online! Adwords allows you to tap that traffic right at the source, to stand there with a sign and direct people to where you want them to go and spend their money. In the […]

No Risk Upsells with aMember

If you don’t have an upsell offer, you are leaving a ton of money on the table. This video shows you how to add a "No-Risk" upsell using aMember. Running Time: 4:56

Video Marketing Secrets – For SEO and Content

This video series will teach you the ins and outs of video marketing. Whether you want to use your videos to market yourself or for creating content for your site, video is the hottest thing on the internet.These videos take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to easily create and market your […]

7 PHP Tactics Every Marketer Should Know – Basic PHP Video Guide

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Interested in learning PHP so you can do more with your membership site? In this 7 part video series, progammer/marketer Robert Plank provides a step by step guide of how to program in PHP, with the marketer in mind!

Expert Interview: Tom Kulzer CEO of AWeber on Email Marketing

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AWeber CEO and founder Tom Kulzer takes a few minutes to talk to us about email marketing and the AWeber service. Just some of the topics we cover: * email content tips * best days to send out emails * how to make sure your email doesn’t end up in the spam box Running Time: […]

How the tax office paid for my vacation

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I received a rather shocking letter in my mail box the other day. When I opened it up, I saw the bill, and my jaw dropped. My city tax office had decided to send me a bill for….

How to gain credibility and believeablility to increase conversions

3 ways to create credibility and believability on your site.