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Building Lists Fast with Giveaway Promotions

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Learn the insider secrets of running and participating in "giveaway promotions" from James Brown, an expert marketer. These methods can put thousands of new people into your email lists. James Brown has generated well over $200,000 in sales, and built lists of over 60,000 using these methods.  *Your results may vary! Running Time: 52:23

The RIGHT way to promote affiliate products to your members

Selling affiliate products is a fantastic way to have an instant back end to your business. The problem is, most people do it wrong, alienating their members and loosing out on commissions. Here’s the right way to do it. Running Time: 7:55

Using a Blog to Promote Your Membership Site

January 23, 2010 by  
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Blogs provide a method for you to communicate with potential customers, give them a sneak peek inside your membership site, and see you as a person instead of just a picture at the end of a sales letter. As an added benefit – search engines love blogs!

Membership Site Tour

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Watch the tour of my first membership site English Memory. The site is for the English language learning niche in Japan, and is in Japanese. However, the structural and marketing techniques I used in building the site are universal. Running Time: 13:29