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Membership Software: aMember Pro
CMS: Joomla
Reviews: SOBI2
Forum: Fireboard
Autoresponder: Listmailpro

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I'm not an owner or a partner in any of the software companies reviewed on this site. Some sites are linked using affiliate links and I do get a commision if you purchase the product using these links.

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David Moskowitz
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Random Free and Premium Articles and Videos

Teaser Text in Wordpress with aMember 4 Shortcodes - Video (Premium)

This video shows you how to create teaser text in Wordpress using the aMember 4 plugin shortcodes system in Wordpress. This will allow you to show some content to non-members and tease them into signing up for your site. This is also called creating a "Walled Garden".

Running Time: 8:51

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Editing the Member 'Tabs' Area in aMember 4 - Video (Premium)

Requested by Premium Member Marcus, here's how to edit the member's page tab area. This will allow you to remove tabs such as renewal, or profile. You will also learn how to add tabs such as a link to a forum.

Running Time: 5:15

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7 techniques for getting traffic for your new site
Discover 7 techniques you need to know to generate traffic for your new site.
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