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Latest Forum Posts

Creating a Facebook Fan Page with a Like Opt-In Squeeze - Video (Premium)

Here's how to create a Facebook fan page, add a Welcome screen with a Like Opt-In Squeeze and way to display content to Like users only. As a Bonus, I also show how to link your page to your profile page.
Running Time: 11:37

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Membership Dashboard
Not sure of where to start or what you need to do next? Take a look at the Membership Dashboard and see where you need to go.
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Membership Software Comparison Chart
Here's an overview of how Membergate, aMember, Wishlist, Memberstar and EasyMemberPro compare to each other.
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Wishlist Wordpress Registration Page Customization - Video (Premium)
Here's how to customize the registration page used in Wishlist Wordpress.
  • How to add a testimonial/Johnson box to the top
  • Get rid of the sidebar area
  • Place a table around the signup form
Running Time: 9:47
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Wordpress and aMember Multiple Levels of Membership Using Free Plugins Video (Premium)

Here's how to integrate aMember with Wordpress to create a multi-leveled CMS driven membership site. Uses FREE wordpress plugins and the aMember Plugin (paid).
Running Time: 22:04

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aMember Incremental Content Demonstration Video
Watch the video demonstration of the new modification by aMember which allows you to automatically allow sequential access to your valuable content. This means that you can now control when users can access content and for how long.
Running Time: 3:59 
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Joomla and aMember Multiple Levels of Membership Using a Free Component - Video (Premium)

Are you looking for a simple way to create multiple levels of membership/protection for your content in Joomla and use aMember to manage the payments? It can be done, and with a FREE Joomla component. Here's the video and guide that will show you how!
Running Time: 11:02
*For the most recent version of Joomla, you will need to purchase the plugin. Older versions are free. 

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How to Set-Up Micro-Continuity Using aMember (Premium)
Micro-Contiunity is when you offer people access to content for a set period of time- like an installment program in which they get access to drip fed content over XX weeks and then it ends. In this article I explain how to set this up using aMember.
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9 mistakes that are costing you new subscribers
Here are 9 common mistakes membership site owners make that are keeping them from getting all the subscribers they should be, and some quick fixes. Free users can view the first 3 mistakes.
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14 Steps To Profiting From Your Own Membership Site - Video and PDF (Premium)
Here's a 14 step plan that will help you get your membership site up and running as quickly as possible.
Running Time: 17:26
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Added Revenue With Paid Podcasting Membership Sites (Premium)
Add a new revenue stream or simplify the content distribution to your members with a podcast! Here's the simple 4 step process for setting up paid podcasting using aMember.
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How to choose a membership system
Here's a checklist for deciding the type of membership system you will need for your site.
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How to find riches in niches Part I
Finding the right niche can mean the difference between massive wealth and dismal failure. Discover the basics of finding a profitable niche for your membership site.
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The secret formula to subscription site success! (Premium)
Want to know the secret formula to subscription site success?
Discover what SN + HM + WT +XX + XX means to your site.
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Using Press Releases to Get Massive Publicity and Traffic to Your Membership Site Video (Premium)
In this expert interview, press release and publicity expert Paul Hartunian talks to us about how to use press releases to generate massive amounts of publicity, and ultimately members to your membership site.
Running Time: 35:49
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Pricing Strategies (Premium)

Not sure about what to price your site at? What if you had an easy to use formula? Discover how to properly price your membership site to maximize profits. 

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7 techniques for getting traffic for your new site
Discover 7 techniques you need to know to generate traffic for your new site.
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Membership Site Designer Quickstart Video and PDF (Premium)
Still not sure about what membership software you need? This video will help you make the right choice.
Running Time: 7:35
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aMember Plugin Guide Video (Premium)
Unsure what an aMember plugin is? Wondering how you can use 3rd party software such as a bulletin board on your membership site? Here's a video presentation of what a plugin is, the different plugin categories, and how you can use them.
Running Time: 13:54
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Random Free and Premium Articles and Videos

How to Add a New Product to amProtect Protected Content Quickly -Video (Premium)

Are you using amprotect to integrate amember and wordpress? If you add a new level or product, you need to go back into wordpress and update each post to allow the new level or procduct access. Here's how to speed up the process using phpmyadmin and an SQL query.
Running Time: 9:34

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Creating Signup Forms in aMember Pro v4.x - Video (Premium)
aMember 4.x makes it really simple to create signup forms. You just drag the fields like username, address into the signup form area and set some options. Here's the video guide on how to use the new signup form system.
Running Time: 9:38
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Customizing your Clickbank payment screen - Video (Premium)

Here's how to customize the Clickbank payment screen to better fit the design of your site. This will reduce shopping cart abandonment, and increase your conversions.
Running Time: 8:56

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