By Expert Membership Site Builder
David Moskowitz
Introducing: A new aMember and Joomla integration service

This is not an ebook or course on how to build membership sites.
You will have a ready to go membership site that will have:

  • A powerfull open source content management system. Add content with ease, without needing to know HTML
  • Full membership management. Membership subscriptions are processed automatically.
  • Content protection. Members of your site will only be able to access the content you authorize.
  • Web 2.0 capable. Ready for your video and audio uploads.

Dear future membership site owner,

If you have started looking for a way to get your membership site going, only to become frustrated by the high expense of an all inclusive system... If you don't have the skills needed or don't want to spend your time installing membership software and integrating it with a content management system, read on...

My name is David Moskowitz, and about 2 years ago I started my own membership site. The site targets Japanese students learning English (I live and work in Japan). After weeks of discussing the design of the site, I began my quest for a software that could handle the management of contents along with subscription management. To my amazement, there were only two real contenders.

    Membergate, may give you sticker shock upon seeing the price
    (starts at $3,995 and goes up to $29,995)
  • Built in content management system along with the subscription system.
  • No programming skills needed, some HTML useful
  • Massive price tag.
  • You need to use their hosting company.
  • You need to be approved by them (they don't take adult sites for example).
  • The truth is Membergate is a great system, if you are willing to spend the thousands of dollars needed before you even get your site off the ground.

    aMember, only provides the subscription management system.
    ($179 for a single site licence and $40 for a CMS plugin)
  • Functionality can be expanded with plugins (read on).
  • You use 3rd party programs to use things like a content management system or bulletin board.
  • Hosted on your site.
  • No approval needed, you just pay and download.
  • You need to know some HTML and knowing PHP (programming language) is also useful.
  • Takes time to install and set up.

And the clear winner is...

At only $179, aMember was the clear winner. After several weeks of installs, customizations, debugging, and other headaches, the system was finally ready for content. After many wasted hours the system finally worked like clockwork.

Since then, I've used aMember for a number of other sites, including this one. This site uses a aMember, integrated with Joomla which provides the content management system. With this service you get to take advantage of my knowledge, without having to fumble through the coding yourself!

What's a content management system?

A content management system, or CMS, is a software program which allows you to add your valuable content (videos, audio, articles, etc.) to a web site without the need to program in HTML, everything is done in a very comfortable graphical interface. It provides a consistent theme and navigation throughout the site.

Warning! You do not want to be a guinea pig for some marketer's new membership script.

You've probably seen the ads or forum posts from all those gurus and marketers promoting their fantastic new membership scripts. Well, let me tell you something. When it comes to your business, do you really want to risk your reputation and income on some new program when a tried and tested system can work for you?

aMember on the other hand has been in use for over 5 years, and has been used on over 4000 sites. It is constantly being improved and updated and has a lively community. Additionally, when you want to add a new functionality to your site, you can easily do so with a 3rd party script and purchasing a very inexpensive plugin (usually only $40).

Why use Joomla?

Joomla is a robust open source (free) CMS system. It has an estimated 110,000 official users and over 18,000 extensions. Extensions are little programs you add on to Joomla to increase its functionality. For example, if you wanted to add a sitemap generator or survey to the website you can effortlessly do so a few clicks of the mouse.

Integrating aMember and Joomla

By integrating aMember and Joomla you get the benefits of a content management system with the power of a proven membership management system. This creates a solid and affordable long term solution for your membership site needs.

What the CMS and Membership system can and can't do


There are a few limitations to using aMember with Joomla. You cannot do a set weekly or monthly schedule of lessons. For example, every week your member is automatically given access to a new lesson, depending on how long they have been a member. If you can adjust your model to allow it to be done via email, then the aMember system can send out your content on a schedule.
Now possible with the aMember Incremental Content Plugin! (incremental content is displayed within aMember pages, not Joomla)


You can have other people writing content for you, without having to learn HTML. You can write several articles at once and set them to be published on set dates. Extreme flexibility! You can add new functions such as forums, review sections, an affiliate program, photo galleries etc. With over 18,000 extensions and more coming out all the time, it's really incredible what can be done.

Here's what I am going to do for you

I am going to save you massive amounts of time and frustration by going into your site, installing Joomla, integrating it with your copy of aMember, setting up the protection system, and setting up 4 levels of access- open, free membership, paid silver and paid gold memberships. This normally takes several hours, and for someone who has never done it before, could take several days. But because I have done it so many times, I understand exactly what needs to be done. So, I am able to offer this service at a fee much lower than the actual fee per hour I would normally charge for an installation.

    Here's a breakdown of what you get:
  1. Joomla Installation (Will require an additional plugin license for multiple levels)
  2. Joomla aMember Integration**
  3. Joomla Content Protection Plugin Installation and Setup for 3 Levels
  4. aMember directory protection for the free, silver and gold levels
  5. **You must have aMember already installed and purchased the Joomla plugin from aMember
    Total estimated installation and integration time: 6 to 8 hours
    Cost: $600 - $800 (my standard billing rate)

    Keep in mind that this is my time estimate- imagine how much longer it could take you...

You'll also get these FREE Bonuses!

1 Month FREE Premium Membership with Membership Academy - Retail Value $97.95

Articles on:
  • Membership Site Benchmarks
  • Subscriber Acquisition
  • Subscriber Retention
  • Autoresponder and Mailing List Strategies
  • Copywriting for Membership Sites
Videos on:
  • Setting Up a Membership Site
  • Designing your site
  • Integrating Joomla or Wordpress and aMember
  • Customizing aMember
Membership Academy Forums:
  • aMember Hacks
  • Autoresponder Strategies
  • Customer Acquisition Strategies
  • Customer Retention Strategies
  • Content Creation Strategies
  • Payment Systems
  • CMS Systems
Fast track your site:
  • Membership site spreadsheet- Calculate the full potential of your site
  • Meet other site owners who can give you feedback
  • Find joint venture partners

Bonus Scripts and Graphics - Retail Value $24.95+
  • Product or Site Launch Countdown Timer (javascript and PHP) $24.95*
  • Graphics Mini-Pack (8 great images are yours in PSD format!)
Graphics Mini Pack
$50 in aMember Coupons!
  • Premium Members receive a $30 off coupon for a new licence and $20 off the aMember Incremental Content Plugin.

Bonuses - Total Value: $124.90

Combined Total Value: $674.90

My personal better than money-back guarantee

If for any reason I am unable to integrate your site you will receive your payment back immediately. That means that there is absolutely no risk to you. You either get an integrated site or you pay nothing. You'll also get to keep all the free bonuses given as a Premium Member of Membership Academy and can continue your membership.

So sign up right now for the service and you can be the owner of a fully functional membership site.

Click here to sign up right now and have me install Joomla on your site,
integrate with aMember, set up multiple levels of membership, set up
content the content protection, and get all the bonuses for only $297!

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Get your site built!

Here's your chance to get your piece of the massive monthly revenues being generated by membership websites. Some of these site making tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars every single month.

By having me build your membership site for you, you can focus on what makes you the most money, creating great content and marketing your site.

You will have a fully functional CMS driven membership site. Ready to start making you money.

"For the tiny investment
you really can't lose"
"Membership Academy has been exceptionally valuable to me in setting up a membership site that's more powerful than what some $5000 packages cost. Without the forum and David's detailed knowledge of all the nitty gritty pitfalls I would have been stuck in a technical mire for weeks. The site I've made is much more powerful than I expected I was going to be able to make it. I used David's info at every step of the way, from selecting the plug-ins and payment processing, to setting up the forum and blog. He really covers the whole she-bang. For the tiny investment you really can't lose.
Save yourself a boatload of headaches and join his site."

Nicholas Oak, Miamisburg, OH

"More done in the last week than in 3 months of working with the others"
"I must tell you. I joined a membership program that was supposed to give me everything I needed to set up a membership site. It cost thousands of dollars. Your website has given me WAY more and your response has been fantastic! I ended up returning the other package and will stay with you.

I have gotten more done in the last week I have been a member with you than in 3 months of working with the others."

Diana Acheson
Toowoomba QLD, Australia

"My wife has already started receiving her first subscribers."
"I stumbled upon Membership Academy after searching for specific Joomla and aMember help. I was a little skeptical about joining at first, but I took the plunge and figured I could always get a refund. It only took a short time for me to discover the benefits of being a member. I'm a relative newbie to setting up membership sites. I was able to put the finishing touches on my wife's site quickly with the help of the forums, video tutorials, and I even got David's assistance with custom aMember pages. My wife has already started receiving her first subscribers. Thank you!"

Greg Ugolini
Gurnee, Illinois

"It's great to have an expert and community there to guide you and help you. "
"Membership Academy has been an incredible resource to me as I developed our new membership site. Because there are so many different moving parts involved in putting something like this together, it's great to have an expert and community there to guide you and help you. Typically, if you work with a software company, you will get support from that software company. Membership sites are different in that you are integrating many different software packages together in a specific way, and much of it is open source. So there really isn't a one stop shop for support other than Membership Academy. Once you really get into the process, you will realize how important it is to have that support and knowledge from people that are also specifically working on these same integration issues. The training videos, articles, hacks and forums that Membership Academy provides is of great benefit, not to mention David's excellent customer service. Thanks for being there Membership Academy."

Rita Wilhelm