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I'm not an owner or a partner in any of the software companies reviewed on this site. Some sites are linked using affiliate links and I do get a commision if you purchase the product using these links.

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Random Free and Premium Articles and Videos

aMember v4.x and Wordpress Basic Integration - Video (Premium)

Here's how to integrate aMember 4.x  and Wordpress to create a dynamic membership site. This will allow you to use wordpress as your content management system, and amember for your subscription management. With aMember 4.x, you can easily use your wordpress theme in amember too. Included is how to set full protection and also use the new amember shortcode to allow for teaser content.

Running Time: 12:48

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4 Simple Steps to Preventing a Subscription Cancellation - Video (Premium)

In this interview with premium member Jarom Adair, he explains his 4 step process for preventing cancellations by his members. This technique has allowed him to extend an average membership from 3 to 4 months. This can make a huge difference to your sites bottom line. Imagine how much more you could spend to get a new member if on average they stuck around for an additional month.

Running Time: 10:41

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aMember Coupon Customization Video (Premium)
One of our members asked about how to customize aMember coupon codes. Here's how to do it. 
Running Time: 2:40
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