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David Moskowitz
Membership Academy

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"Your video demos and related explanations of how to use aMember are very helpful; even for a shoe-string startup like mine, the show-how value is well worth the modest fee."

D. C. Toedt III
Drafter's Choice

DAVID MOSKOWITZ - The internet's #1 authority on membership site creation invites you to his profit party...
"At Last... The Quickest, Easiest, Painless Way To EASE Yourself Into Membership Site Riches, Without Paying Thousands Of Dollars For Software, Becoming A Computer Geek Or Having A Nervous Breakdown!"

Read on to discover how this experienced membership site owner and software wizard will take you by the hand and smooth the path to your very own membership site GOLDMINE in just days.


It's one of those very rare resources that delivers on its promises
"If you're looking to launch a membership site quickly and with very
little stress and you can't justify the high fees of other solutions,
I couldn't recommend anything more than MembershipAcademy.

It's one of those very rare resources that delivers on
its promises. Great stuff, keep it up and thank you!!"

Henry Baker
Broadway Marketing Ltd

David Moskowitz - Membership Site Owner

From the desk of David Moskowitz
Tanjong Pagar, Singapore

Dear fellow entrepreneur,

Creating a membership site sounds like a pretty smart move, doesn't it? After all, it takes the proven concept of "The money is in the list" and puts it on steroids. So no longer are you the owner of a mere mailing list, but the proud founder of a thriving, happy community, that actually looks forward eagerly to hearing from you, welcomes your e-mails and is happy to buy the products you recommend as an affiliate. And that's because you've cracked the essential code of marketing - you've created a bond of trust with your members. And here's the best bit...

... your members even pay you for the privilege!

And, once it's up and running, your virtually autopilot membership site only needs part time attendance, yet is capable of providing you with a very full time - and largely predictable - income. And it is the ability to enjoy a regular, predictable income from subscriptions (plus the odd big pay day from your 50%+ affiliate commissions) that finally empowers you to quit the job you hate.

Finally, you are off the treadmill for good. It's the good life for you, from now on - except for that one little eight letter word, standing between you and all your dreams.


Because that's where the nightmare begins. And it's made all the worse, because of the sheer amount of money at stake here.

You see, there are people on line with thriving membership sites who have received as much as $1.6 million in subscriptions in just seven days. Now let me immediately say, that's not an everyday occurrence and only achieved after many months of hard work. But it does prove there is money - BIG money - to be made with membership sites... if it wasn't for that one big barrier standing between you and your fortune.

Not that there isn't any software out there. There's plenty.

But it ranges from stuff so basic it isn't much more than a bolt on home page for your web site, leaving it wide open to being hacked by anyone who passes by. Then, at the other end, there's the industrial strength membership sites, which are pretty much a turnkey solution, where all you have to do is paste in your content. Trouble is, they will set you back between $3,995 to $14,995 PLUS expensive specialized hosting. Boy, you'll have to sell a truckload of subscriptions before you see even the tiniest of profits with these big brutes.

And between these two extremes, there is software available. But - sooner or later - you'll find you've simply outgrown it. 

Sure, you can create a basic site which allows regular downloads. But you naturally want your site to prosper and grow, so you'll soon be up against the limitations.  You can already see the way the web is going. YouTube now tops Google for search volume, and video is now expected as the norm. So, unless you are able to put video on your site at some point, it won't be very long before your precious membership site is as quaint as a horse and buggy and all your members have jumped ship!

And you'll certainly want to add a discussion forum, at some stage, to make your site even more "sticky" and ramp up your member's loyalty. So you want to be certain you can easily plug those extras in later and not have to tear down your carefully constructed site and start over with different software!

And what really rubs salt into the wound is the undeniable fact that - as clever as they might be at writing software - virtually all software programmers seem genetically incapable of explaining to you - in simple, plain English - how to actually use their stuff. So, you're stuck between a rock of unfathomable software and a hard place of unintelligible explanations.

And all the time, that membership goldmine is out there... waiting for you to start mining it. So tantalizingly close - yet as far away as ever.

There has to be a better way

There is. And it's obvious, really... you simply need a guide. Someone who's been there, fought the battle, emerged triumphant and is now perfectly placed to help you avoid all the pitfalls and put you firmly on the fast track to the gold. Oh yes, and someone who can explain all this stuff in plain English,

Hi, my name is David Moskowitz and if you've already dipped your toe into the membership site shark infested waters, be assured I know exactly what you're going through. You see, my first attempt at starting a membership site took me a full four months - and that was despite my previous experience with successful web site creation. It was stressful, expensive, heartbreaking, at times - and crammed with priceless experience you can now use to zoom straight to membership success.

You see, a couple of years ago, I partnered with one of my friends, here in Japan, to create a membership site. My friend is a language teacher who'd developed a unique method for Japanese people to more easily learn English. So, as I had experience in marketing and web sites, I was put in charge of finding the best membership site software and actually building the site.

But I have to confess there were times when I truly envied my friend. After all, he was well inside his comfort zone, creating the content for the site. Meanwhile, I was right out there, battling alone in the unfamiliar, bleak, cold world of membership site software.

And it took many false dawns - and much frustration - before I finally I found what I was looking for.

A robust, membership site script that had been around long enough to have any bugs banished... that didn't cost a king's ransom... was capable of handling more than just downloadable e-books. And it gets even better, because the support I got from these guys was impeccable - something just as vital as the script itself.

But, before I started to even glimpse success, a full four months had flashed by. But it wasn't wasted. In fact, it was the membership site equivalent of Delta Force training for me. Then I consolidated my experience by creating a second membership site. Yes... you've guess right. That one went up as smooth as silk!

And then it hit me like an express train!

Why let all my valuable experience and these great contacts go to waste? After all, I'd spent four months unearthing the very best software, installing it, and adding all those little extra features, as well as all the experience I now had getting traffic and subscribers for my membership sites.

Because I figured there must be plenty of other good folks out there going through the same traumas and frustrations I had. So why not do something to help them?

So, my idea was a membership site, to help people - just like you - side step all that frustration, the waste of money and time and the weeks, maybe even months it might take you to get your site up and producing cash, if you were left to stumble along unaided..

And I'm delighted to say my idea was a great hit...

Here's Henry Baker again...

It's taken just 5 days to get a fully functioning membership site launched and people paying for it!

Henry Baker "It's taken just 5 days to get a fully functioning membership site launched and people paying for it! And I had absolutely no freakin' idea how to do it before I found your site."
Henry Baker
Broadway Marketing Ltd

And it's surprising how success attracts success. Because it wasn't too long after I had started helping other people with their membership sites that I started getting involved with some of the people in internet marketing I really respected. People like Ryan Deiss, whom I've been happy to help with his web site. And one success leads to others. For example, Ryan Deiss introduced me to other top internet marketers, like Frank Kern. And I was thrilled, recently, to help Frank with his relaunch of Mass Control, where he sold-out 500 memberships at $1997 + a monthly membership fee of $297. That's over $1 million!!!

Look what Ryan Deiss has to say about Membership Academy...

MembershipAcademy.com is a must-have resource for any membership publisher.

Ryan Deiss "David Moskowitz is without a doubt my #1 go-to guy for all things related to membership site technology. The guy has done things with Amember that I never thought possible, and his MembershipAcademy.com is a must-have resource for any membership publisher.
There aren't many people I keep on speed dial...
David is one of those people.."

Ryan Deiss

So - if I can help even these savvy, top internet marketers... imagine how I can turbo charge YOUR membership site!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg

Because getting your membership site up and making money in days - not months - is only the start of the process.

Then you have the problems of finding good content - and keeping it flowing. And you need the lifeblood of the internet... traffic - lots of it. And you need to know the particular ways membership sites need to convert that traffic to loyal subscribers. After all...

... you don't want your shiny, new membership site to decay away into an online GHOST TOWN, do you?

And then, once you've created your thriving community, you're bound to want to build on your success by adding extra features. And you'll certainly want to keep up with the latest cutting edge membership site techniques. 

So, I've created a unique combination of technical help (hands on, if you want), coupled with all the vital membership site specific marketing information you'll need, once you've got the software set up. Think of it as your one stop convenience store of membership site knowledge, where you can drop by at any time and pick up exactly what you need right then.

So, whether it's some niggling little problem with one of your scripts... or you need more subscribers... or you want to know how to keep the subscribers you have... or you want specific advice from me on the forum... or you want to compare notes with other members on the forum... or fix up a joint venture. What ever you want to do, it's all here, ready for you. It certainly helped Rita Wilhelm. Read what she said...

...there really isn't a one stop shop for support other than The Membership Academy

Denny Sugar "Membership sites are different in that you are integrating many different software packages together
in a specific way, and much of it is open source.
So there really isn't a one stop shop for support other than The Membership Academy."

Rita Wilhelm

And here's what Premium Member, Jamie Holiday, says...

Very good site, well worth the subscription!    

"I just wanted to say that I am new to building membership sites. The information contained on this site is very good and has saved me lots of time and headaches! David is very helpful and has responded to my numerous forum posts very quickly with excellent help and advice. Again I would recommend this site to anyone interested in saving themselves a big learning curve when building their membership site."
Jamie Holiday


Here's just a tiny taster of all the valuable content
you get in the Membership Academy...

  • The key to success - finding the right niche for you (there's scope for membership sites to cater for every single interest group - so here's how to find the right one for you).

  • Your key decision - which is the right membership software for you? You'll get detailed appraisals of no less than EIGHT software programs, ranging in price from less than $200 to nearly $15,000 (and the best bits are the genuine reviews by actual users of seven of the programs).

 I almost pulled the trigger on a $6,000+ (starter) package

Denny Sugar "I almost pulled the trigger on a $6,000+ (starter) package that would have had huge limitations within a proprietary platform. I then came across this site...I went through the site and saw that there was REAL information here (what a concept), and REAL people implementing it. Kudos to David for putting together a great site! I have a killer site coming together that is totally custom with room to grow. "
Denny Sugar

  • Slash your learning curve in half (you can save a truckload of time and neatly side-step the pitfalls and no hope solutions by joining the site before you start).

I Wasted Tons of Time...Not Being Part Of This Membership Site!

Stehpen Luc "If had joined your site earlier and was given the knowledge you give us, I know I would have had to spend less time trying to figure how to structure my sites correctly."
Stephen Luc

  • The vital art of picking the best payment processor for your site. Here's where the rubber hits the road (you are doing this for the money, after all), so here's what you need to know about what processors can take monthly subscriptions and which ones work with which software. And, once again, you get valuable customer feedback (decide in minutes what otherwise could take you days to find out by trial and error).

  • When it comes to converting traffic to subscribers, two heads are better than one. Because getting subscribers is the Holy Grail of membership site success, I've drafted in not one... but TWO copy writing aces for you. So sit back while John Ritskowitz and Kevin Rogers each give you their closely guarded copy writing and headline secrets to turn your sales page into a powerhouse.

  • Learning new skills was never easier! My partner (the teacher) told me we learn fastest and retain up to 77% more by watching video (and I've gold plated that technique, because I ALSO give you a checklist to print out and refer to when you actually perform the task.

Your instructions were very clear and easy to follow

Ralph Miller "Thanks for the great phpBB/amember integration video! This alone was worth the cost of the membership. Your instructions were very clear and easy to follow. This made the integration with WordPress/amember/phpBB very, very easy!
Saved me a lot of time and a lot of headaches too I'm sure.
Thanks again!"

Ralph Miller

  • Master the art of e-mail. Once you've gotten your members, it's vital to keep in regular touch and keep that relationship growing. So I've got Tom Kulzer, who probably knows more about e-mail than anyone else (he's CEO of Aweber) to give you the inside track.

  • Free PDF Files that go in deep on specific areas ( allowing you to build your own membership site knowledge base).

The PDF alone is worth the price of membership!

"The PDF for the video '14 Steps To Profiting From Your Own
Membership Site' alone is worth the price of membership!
I've printed the PDF for constant future reference.

First rate job David."

Cliff Harvey
Paignton, UK

  • Newbie or sage? Either way, you'll be very comfortable here. You'll be thrilled to know the software I personally recommend and use can be quickly installed on your site for you, hassle free - and at no extra charge (but - if you enjoy all that tech stuff - then you'll enjoy the video tutorials on php and other advanced stuff).

  • Adding extra features is a snap. If you decide to add extra features, like Wordpress or a content management system, it will be quick and easy with my step-by-step, paint-by-numbers video tutorials. (and if you don't want to do it yourself, my "Done For You Service" will handle it for you - fast and hassle free).

  • The #1 membership site permanent headache - cured. Once your site is live, your ongoing problem is usually the constant need for fresh content to keep your members happy. But not of if you're a Premium Member here, because I've got the Product Creation King, Kevin Riley, and Private Label Rights Expert, Tom Dean, to reveal their secrets of rapid content creation (creating fresh content is a snap once you use these clever techniques).

  • Tips and tricks designed to keep the subscribers subscribed. Here's just one example. One of the problems with membership sites is the bandit who subscribes to your site, downloads every bit of content you have and immediately requests a refund. So members get the heads up on my simple way to drip feed the content over a period, rather than all at once. (keeps your subscribers hanging on and paying those subscriptions far, far into the future!).

  • Avoid wasting precious time on research. No matter what extra functions you want - from a discussion forum to a help desk, via affiliate and mailing list software - you'll find brutally honest assessments of the software available (quote "It is very basic in functionality but for a simple solution is useful" and quote "... a real pain - you have to dig into the php code to make template changes. Recommended for intermediate and advanced users").

I can guess what you're thinking

You're beginning to understand the sheer value of having an experienced person like me guide you through your membership site set up. But you already know it's possible to pay thousands for software and still not be happy, so you are wondering how much it will cost you to become both a member of this site on top of the cost of some decent software.

Well, in a minute, I'm going to make your day, because I'm going to show you how you can enjoy using what I firmly believe is the very best battle-hardened membership site software available AND VIP Premium Membership of my site, including many hours of video tutorials, articles, tips and information PLUS my personal assistance, via the Premium Member's Forum that won't cost you a king's ransom. But, first, let me make this very clear.

You risk nothing here

But what you stand to gain is mind boggling.

Because - at a stroke - all your membership set up blues are going to disappear. You see, there's no risk at all for you, because, you have my personal guarantee that, if you are in any way disappointed with the Membership Academy and feel it isn't a priceless addition to your membership site tool kit, you can simply shoot me an e-mail and you'll get an immediate and full refund of your month's subscription. And we'll remain good friends. Fair enough? And what's more...

If you have yet to take the plunge and buy your membership software and want to use the great, battle-hardened membership software - that many of your fellow academy members use-  then you'll be delighted to know that the good folks who make it ALSO offer an unconditional, no-quibble money back guarantee. AND they will install it for you - without charge - if you wish.

So, the only way you can actually lose on this is to click away from this offer and carry on trying to figure it all out for yourself. And then you'll really lose out big time, because I'm offering you...

Free gold!

Perhaps you've already got your membership site software pretty much ready to roll. So all you need is a bit of advice on marketing. And you'd probably appreciate having a hotline to someone like me, in case of an emergency. In that case, check out our free membership.

I'm sure you'll readily understand the free membership doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the paid membership, so you won't be able to take advantage of talking to other membership site owners on the forum - and maybe fix up a lucrative joint venture with one or two. And you won't get access to the revealing interviews with top people, like John Ritskowitz and Kevin Riley. Even so, you'll still enjoy having plenty of useful information on tap.

Premium diamonds

But it's in the Premium Membership where you'll be privy to all the insider secrets top marketing experts reveal.

So, you'll get hot tips from world beating copywriters, like John Ritskowitz and Kevin Rogers. And you'll find out all the highly effective ways of producing an effortless flow of fresh content from Kevin Riley and Tom Dean. You'll also have access to everything on the free site, of course - but here's the best bit...

If you have yet to purchase your software - or about to ask for a refund because the stuff you've already bought does nothing but disappoint, then you'll LOVE this...

Because I'm going to show you a way of enjoying Premium Membership, yet it will effectively cost you very little - even nothing!

First of all, as soon as you join as a Premium Member, I'll put $90 in your account.

The membership site software I discovered and have used for all three of my sites (including this one) is aMember from CGI Central. Not only is it well established as utterly reliable and bullet proof. The guys who actually created it will install it on your server within 24 hours. Yet it only costs $179. But not for a VIP like you.

Because I've arranged with the good folks over at aMember that my Premium Members get VIP treatment and a full $30 slashed off the price, when they buy it through Membership Academy, using the special VIP coupon code I'll give you when you subscribe. On top of that, there's another 20 bucks waiting for you to slash the price of the incremental content plugin that's worth its weight in gold.

It's an ingenious plugin that pretty much guarantees you'll retain your subscribers for many months, by drip feeding the content over several months. So they can't scoop it all up on the first day... and then promptly cancel their subscription. Pure genius!

And it means your first month's Premium Member subscription is effectively free

Because, instead of paying an initial subscription of $79.95 followed by 19.95 a month thereafter, your initial $79.95 subscription will be balanced by your $90 savings -  making it effectively free. That just leaves $19.95 a month thereafter. And the extra subscribers you'll gain from this wealth of tips and insider secrets will pay your subscription for you many times over!

Read what one Premium Member says he regrets...

I have only one regret that I waited to join as a full member, as it
would have saved me a lot of time and money if I had done so

"Hi David,
Just wanted to say what an excellent site you run, with your videos on wide ranging subjects and your excellent advice on the forum. I have only one regret that I waited to join as a full member, as it would have saved me a lot of time and money if I had done so."

Lee Boniface


But wait - there's more...

Because the next 25 people to subscribe to Premium Membership will ALSO get this amazing three part early bird package....

  • Premium Member's Early Bird Bonus #1: Your VIP voucher to slash the cost of MA services. Value $25 - but yours free, provided you're one of the next 25 people to subscribe to Premium Membership.

  • This voucher entitles you to slash the cost of Member Academy services, such as my popular "Done For You" installations, by a full $25, if you order, as a Premium Member, in the next 90 days.

  • Premium Member's Early Bird Bonus #2: Access to my own private vault of custom written scripts. Value $XX - but yours free, provided you're one of the next 25 people to subscribe to Premium Membership.

  • These are scripts specially written for my own use and which I use on my own membership sites, so you're getting some good stuff!

* One of the favorite scripts (written in both javascript and php) is a way of getting your prospects salivating like Pavlov's dog, as they eagerly await the launch of your membership site or product, with this script that really ramps up the anticipation as it counts down the hours to LIFT OFF!

* And here's another great bonus script that you can easily use to sign up more subscribers, right from your Wordpress blog.

* And more scripts too secret to mention here!

  • Premium Member's Early Bird Bonus #3 The cream of ecovers lab graphics. Value $XX - but yours free, provided you're one of the next 25 people to subscribe to Premium Membership.

There's nothing like a few attractive graphics to make your membership sales page look really professional and some of the finest web site graphics come from ecovers lab. So - as nothing is too good for my members - I've twisted their arm and got the very best pick of their $95 dollar graphics package for you to enhance your web site absolutely free of charge.

You also get the PSD files, so it's a snap to customize the graphics completely by altering the colors or lettering, using Photoshop Or Photoshop Elements.

Graphics Mini Pack

Still not sure?

I can understand that. After all it's a great package, I'm offering you, so it might appear "too good to be true". Greg Ugolini was skeptical when he arrived here. But, boy, he's real glad he took the plunge, because his wife has her own shoe money now! Read what he says...

I was a little skeptical about joining at first...

"I was a little skeptical about joining at first, but I took the plunge and
figured I could always get a refund. It only took a short time for
me to discover the benefits of being a member. I'm a relative newbie to setting up membership sites. I was able to put the finishing touches on my wife's site quickly with the help of the forums, video tutorials, and I even got David's assistance with custom aMember pages. My wife has already started receiving her first subscribers. Thank you!"

Greg Ugolini
Gurnee, Illinois


Now you have a choice

You can keep doing what you're doing, hoping against hope for a different result than you've gotten so far. Trying to make sense of your membership site software and struggling to make it work with your server and your payment processor and not being able to incorporate that vital discussion forum...falling into bed every night, exhausted, after another frustrating day - yet still no closer to your dream of that autopilot ATM of a membership site.


You can seize this rare, golden (100% risk-free) opportunity with both hands and get instant access to everything I've shown you here. Just imagine basking in that "Christmas morning feeling", less than an hour from now, as you relax and browse through the member's private areas, with the comforting thought your membership software is already being expertly installed on your web site by the very guys who created it and you'll be able to get ready for your first subscribers in just a few hours time.

Already you're well on your way to remodeling life on your terms.

Then fast forward just a couple of months.

It's Monday morning, and you awaken when you are ready, because that insistent alarm clock has already been tossed into the trash. You feel really excited and, for a moment, you wonder why.

Then you remember: it's just two months since you launched your brand new membership site. A launch that took off like Neil Armstrong was driving - thanks to all those priceless nuggets you gleaned from John Ritskowitz and all those magical tips in the Membership Academy.

Well you can't wait any longer... So you spring out of bed and pad the few yards to your comfortable home office.

You fire up your computer... and there it is!

  Overnight, your account has received a very handy green transfusion in the form of 186 repeat subscriptions at $29.97 a time!  And that's just the start, because you've actually got nearly 500 members now and the count is rising all the time. So you can look forward to a few more happy starts to the day, as the other 300 plus subscriptions are renewed over the next 29 days, plus all the first time subscriptions your marketing is producing daily.

It looks like you won't exactly struggle to pay your $19.95 subscription to keep getting those priceless nuggets of pure gold flowing from Membership Academy, will you?  All in all, I guess the choice you have to make, right now, is a bit of a no-brainer. Isn't it?

So I'm really looking forward to welcoming you to the site,

Davids Signature

David Moskowitz

P.S. Remember, I take all the risk on this. So the only way you can possibly lose is by not embracing this golden opportunity, while it's fresh in your mind.

P.P.S. Right now membership sites are hot, because they work like gangbusters. So there are many others looking at this very page, right now. And many are thinking to themselves, "Boy, this is exactly what I need to finally get my membership site on the launch pad". And everyone that clicks the "Sign Up" button means one less set of those three great bonuses for you.

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